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ISE Webinar Series – Session 3 – Brexit & New Regulations

Nov 2020
Time: 11:30am

The ISE project is organising a range of webinars for the Food & Drink sector taking place from September, to bring together cluster members to consider some joint working and collaboration activities with businesses from the UK, France, Belgium & the Netherlands which could be developed after the end of the ISE project.

Sign up to this interactive webinar to find out the latest about new regulations & requirements for your food & drink business when trading between the EU and UK. We will cover key information with presentations from UK & Flanders experts (to be confirmed) around EU withdrawal, including:

• Changes to current trading arrangements
• Logistics
• Important documentation
• Customs procedures
• Other practical aspects

Final programme: 

11:30 / 12:30  Welcome & ISE Overview – Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, UK

11:40 / 12:40  Updates for food & drink companies trading - important changes that will take place in January 2021 what we know so far and how to plan (from UK & EU experts):

11:40 / 12:40  Overview from the Department for International Trade in the Netherlands and Belgium – Juliette Kuiken and Martina Andersen

Followed by Q&A

11:55 / 12:55  Overview from FAVV – Dr. Jan Van Seghbroeck, Federal Agency for the Safety of the Food Chain (FAVV), Belgium

Followed by Q&A

12:10 / 13:10  Overview from the Dutch Chamber of Commerce – Marc Groothuijse, Netherlands Chamber of Commerce (KvK), the Netherlands

Followed by Q&A

12:25 / 13:25 Final comments & closing remarks – Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce, UK

12:30 / 13:30 Close

Please note, this webinar session will take place virtually over Zoom on Wednesday 18th November from 11:30am to 12:30pm (UK time) / 12:30pm to 13:30pm CET. Once you have registered your interest to attend (below), you will then receive a link to join Session 3 the day before the event via email. 

Intended for: The virtual event is open to companies in the ISE partner regions which are part of (or which are happy to join) the ISE clusters.


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