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Exponential Academy: Workshop 3 - Cope with Change

Dec 2017
Time: 9:00am
8 De Munt, ARhus, Roeselare, BE, 8800

What impact do these changes have on us? Can we change with change? How do we get our colleagues and employees to be enthusiastic about change? How do we reach the early adopters for disruptive ideas?

We are also silent when it comes to 'social responsibility' and the impact of change on man and his environment. How do we deal with this and what arrangements can we make in our innovation process?

Teacher: An Cosaert, Expert Innovation and Coordinator Exponential Academy

This training is interesting if:

- You want to know how to innovate better thanks to these exponential changes

- You want to learn how to detect future opportunities

- You want to learn how to get disruptive ideas ready for the market

- You want to learn how to engage others to build new ideas

- You want to learn how to put an end to exponential thinking in your organization

Maximum number of participants: 20


Intended for: SMEs in West Flanders


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