Nov 2017
Food & Drink Cross-Border Event & Food Matters Live!
Copper Rivet Distillery, ME4 4LP

We would like to invite SMEs in this sector to express their interest in attending this FREE Cross-Border Innovation Pathway Event – a 2-day programme taking place on 21 & 22 November 2017 which will include FREE entry and Meet the Buyer sessions at Food...

Intended for: SMEs in the Agri-Food sector in Kent, East & West Flanders, Hauts-de-France, and the SW of the Netherlands

The world changes at a very quick rate. New technologies, new business models, disruptive startups, all follow each other at a fast pace. How can we still see the forest through for the trees, and above all, how can we see these developments as an opportunity rather than a  threat?


Intended for: SMEs in West Flanders
Oct 2017
Future Global Trends & Applications in Video, AR & VR Technology
Mercure Dartford Brands Hatch Hotel, DA3 8PE

Virtual & Augumented Reality and video technologies are rapidly developing and it is expected that they will have dramatic impacts by leading to the creation of new industries, new ways of communicating and working, and of course new ways of doing business both in local and international...

Intended for: Kent SMEs in the Digital & Creative sector
Oct 2017

Do you want to expand your business abroad ? Do you want to know more about how you can do this and the support available?

Vivalley invites you to the breakfast session entitled 'How to Expand Internationally' on Thursday, 28 September from 9:00am to 10:00am at the Liévin Arena Stade...

Intended for: SMEs in Hauts-de-France with an interest in international trade
Sep 2017
Visit to Dok Noord
Dok Noord, 9000

Each East Flemish Belgian that follows the trendy Ghentian scene, already knows that Dok Noord is the new place-to-be to live in, to relax in and to do business in. On the 28th of September, we take you to this up-coming neighbourhood to visit a few economic hotspots and meet some...

Intended for: SMEs in East Flanders
Sep 2017

On Thursday, September 21, 2017, the Chamber of Commerce (KvK), in collaboration with FoodDelta Zeeland and Stichting Innovatiehuis, organizes the event Road2UK: The taste of international business for the food sector.

Intended for: Dutch companies in the Food & Drink sector
Sep 2017

The event programne for Thursday, September 21, 2017:

Intended for: SMEs in the Hauts-de-France region
Sep 2017
The Big Refresh – Entrepreneurship made easier with Blockchain
Voka - Kamer Van Koophandel Oost-Vlaanderen (Voka Box), 9000

10.00am - 12.00pm

Ready for 'The Big Refresh'? On Tuesday 19th September, we offer a day full of activities and info sessions around different themes. One of these sessions is around blockchain.

Blockchain features will make taking and implementing initiatives easier. ...

Intended for: SMEs in East Flanders
Sep 2017

'The trust machine' - this is what the world-renowned magazine The Economist calls blockchain. Others refer to the new technology as the most important invention of the century. One thing is certain: blockchain will change the world just as the internet changed the world. Come to this event on...

Intended for: SMEs in West Flanders interested in Blockchain technology
Sep 2017
Internet of Things in New Materials
VKC - FvT Machinepark, 8500

Factory for the Future of New Materials

Internet of Things is a network of physical objects in which the various devices in the network are in constant interaction with themselves and the environment. IoT will change our way of life, thinking and, consequently, our economy and industrial...

Intended for: SMEs in West Flanders
Jul 2017

Come along to this free event about the French, Belgium and Dutch markets which is being run in partnership with Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce. 

Intended for: Kent-based food & drink companies wishing to do business in mainland Europe
Jun 2017
Internet of Things in Healthcare
AZ Sint-Jan (auditorium), 8000

The internet has had an incredible impact upon society in recent decades. Today, further changes are taking place due to the 'Internet of Things' (IoT); connected devices and sensors that can gather a range of information. The IoT is also having an impact upon health & social care thanks to...

Intended for: Flemish companies interested in finding more about the 'Internet of Things' in the health care sector
Jun 2017
Internet of Things in Food
Flanders House of Food (Huis van de Voeding), 8800

"Internet or Things" (IoT) is all about how everyday devices can be connected to the internet to provide information about their activity and their environment. IoT will have a big impact upon everyday life, the economy and businesses. IoT is now becoming a reality but due to its rapid...

Intended for: Flemish companies in the agri-food sector interested in finding out more about the Internet of Things.
Jun 2017

What does cross-border cooperation look like? City of Imagineers and Stichting Innovatiehuis organize a Business Booster on Monday June 12 on international collaboration especially for creative entrepreneurs. 

Intended for: SMEs in the creative sector in the SW of the Netherlands
Jun 2017

3D printing innovations are developing in a faster pace than ever. 3D printing offers companies numerous possibilities, like design, maintenance and product development. In short, 3D printing creates new business opportunities for SME entrepreneurs!

Intended for: SMEs in the SW of the Netherlands with an interest in 3D printing applications
Jun 2017
Introduction to ISE Project at ZC Live
Ashford International Hotel, TN24 8UX

Come along to the ZC Live event on 9 June and hear about how the ISE project can help your company to do business in mainland Europe. We will be providing a short overview of the project and the free support available for your business including...

Intended for: Kent businesses interested in doing business in mainland Europe
May 2017

How can I do business overseas?

How can I adapt & develop my products for international markets?

How can I identify business opportunities in mainland Europe?

Intended for: Kent-based SMEs interested in international markets
May 2017
Techland17 - Smart Collaboration on Innovation
Bezoekerscentrum Havenbedrijf, 9000

On May 17, Voka invites companies with an interest in innovation, cooperation and renewable energy for an extraordinary community event: Techland17.

Companies from all over Flanders will meet in the port of Ghent to 'learn from and with each other'. The modular program allows you to...

Intended for: SMEs in Flanders
Apr 2017

On April 5th the Biobased Delta Natural Fibertastic is organised. Theme of the day is Natural fiber application developments in several sectors with the focus on thermoplastic composites.

Intended for: SMEs in the SW of the Netherlands.

Want to find out about the latest developments in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)? Wondering what these developments mean for your business and what business opportunities they can offer? Join our event on March 27th...

Intended for: SMEs in the SW of the Netherlands

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