Jul 2017

Come along to this free event about the French, Belgium and Dutch markets which is being run in partnership with Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce. 

Intended for: Kent-based food & drink companies wishing to do business in mainland Europe
Jun 2017
Internet of Things in Healthcare
AZ Sint-Jan (auditorium), 8000

The internet has had an incredible impact upon society in recent decades. Today, further changes are taking place due to the 'Internet of Things' (IoT); connected devices and sensors that can gather a range of information. The IoT is also having an impact upon health & social care thanks to...

Intended for: Flemish companies interested in finding more about the 'Internet of Things' in the health care sector
Jun 2017
Internet of Things in Food
Flanders House of Food (Huis van de Voeding), 8800

"Internet or Things" (IoT) is all about how everyday devices can be connected to the internet to provide information about their activity and their environment. IoT will have a big impact upon everyday life, the economy and businesses. IoT is now becoming a reality but due to its rapid...

Intended for: Flemish companies in the agri-food sector interested in finding out more about the Internet of Things.
Jun 2017

What does cross-border cooperation look like? City of Imagineers and Stichting Innovatiehuis organize a Business Booster on Monday June 12 on international collaboration especially for creative entrepreneurs. 

Intended for: SMEs in the creative sector in the SW of the Netherlands
Jun 2017
Introduction to ISE Project at ZC Live
Ashford International Hotel, TN24 8UX

Come along to the ZC Live event on 9 June and hear about how the ISE project can help your company to do business in mainland Europe. We will be providing a short overview of the project and the free support available for your business including...

Intended for: Kent businesses interested in doing business in mainland Europe
Jun 2017

3D printing innovations are developing in a faster pace than ever. 3D printing offers companies numerous possibilities, like design, maintenance and product development. In short, 3D printing creates new business opportunities for SME entrepreneurs!

Intended for: SMEs in the SW of the Netherlands with an interest in 3D printing applications
May 2017

How can I do business overseas?

How can I adapt & develop my products for international markets?

How can I identify business opportunities in mainland Europe?

Intended for: Kent-based SMEs interested in international markets
May 2017
Techland17 - Smart Collaboration on Innovation
Bezoekerscentrum Havenbedrijf, 9000

On May 17, Voka invites companies with an interest in innovation, cooperation and renewable energy for an extraordinary community event: Techland17.

Companies from all over Flanders will meet in the port of Ghent to 'learn from and with each other'. The modular program allows you to...

Intended for: SMEs in Flanders
Apr 2017

On April 5th the Biobased Delta Natural Fibertastic is organised. Theme of the day is Natural fiber application developments in several sectors with the focus on thermoplastic composites.

Intended for: SMEs in the SW of the Netherlands.

Want to find out about the latest developments in the field of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR)? Wondering what these developments mean for your business and what business opportunities they can offer? Join our event on March 27th...

Intended for: SMEs in the SW of the Netherlands
Feb 2017
Creative Sector - Innovation Taster Session
Maidstone Studios, ME14 5NZ

Digital & Creative companies in Kent are invited to join us at Maidstone Studios’ American Diner to hear about what you could do to sell your services in mainland Europe

Why attend?

Intended for: Kent companies in the digital and creative industries with an interest in international trade
Feb 2017
ISE Taster Session: Focus on France
Mairie de Calais, 62107

Kent companies are invited to attend this all day free event in Calais to find out more about adapting products, services and business processes for the French market

Why attend?

Intended for: Kent companies interested in doing business in France
Dec 2016
Intended for: SMEs in West Flanders
Nov 2016
ISE Project Launch Event - SW of the Netherlands
Biobase Europe Training Center, 4538 CA

During this event regional innovative companies are connected with large process companies such as BasF, DOW and Zeeland refinery.

Intended for: SMEs in the SW of the Netherlands
Nov 2016
Innovation in the Food & Drink Sector
Leas Cliff Hall, CT20 2DZ

Kent companies are invited to our free event to find out more about innovation & internationalisation in the food & drink sector. 

The event runs from 10.00 to 13.30.

Why attend?

Intended for: Food & drink SMEs in Kent and its partner regions and those supplying into or working with the agri-food sector which are keen to innovate and to develop their international trade activities.
Oct 2016
Innovation Talk with Guy Wollaert
Oude Vismijn, Rekelingestraat 5

Guy Wollaert will demonstrate how a growth strategy is developed from 'future back' thinking, Start with the future and focus your strategy accordingly. You can expect practical examples and inspiring innovation stories. Guy Wollaert was Senior Vice President and Chief Technical and Innovation...

Intended for: Food & Drink SMEs
Oct 2016
ISE Taster Session at Viu More
Guldensporenpark 120, 9820

Viu More creates the future for industrial companies and training facilities. Smart mobile applications based on augumented reality and mixed reality will support industrial companies in gaining efficiency and competitiveness and training facilities in training their students more efficiently....

Intended for: SMEs in East Flanders operating in the mechatronics sector.
Oct 2016
ISE Project Launch Event – Kent
Kent Event Centre, ME14 3JF

Come along to the Kent launch event to find out about free support available to Kent companies.

The project builds on the previous 2 Seas Trade project and over the next 3 years, ISE will organise workshops, market visits and sector focused innovation events in Belgium, France and the...

Intended for: Kent businesses working in the following sectors: agri-food, digital & creative, engineering, new materials.
Oct 2016

This event will offer SMEs the opportunity to learn about the dos and dont's of doing business in France. 

Intended for: SMEs in East Flanders.
Sep 2016
ISE Taster Session at Proef!
Stationstraat 114, Schellebelle

​Proef! is a collaborative food platform, a  Research & Prototype lab that initiates & co-creates the products of tomorrow. It is a test kitchen that feeds you with new ideas & techniques. As an incubator, Proef! gives food starters the opportunity to grow faster. Our events aim at...

Intended for: Food & Drink SMEs in East Flanders.