The Big Refresh: General Bitcoin & Blockchain Introduction & Applications

Feb 2018
Time: 10:30am
Lammerstraat 18, VOKA Box, Ghent, BE, 9000

Ready for ‘The Big Refresh’? On Monday the 26th of February, we offer a day full of info sessions about different themes. For example this session about bitcoin & blockchain.


Jean-Luc is a blockchain expert and strategy consultant at Monitor Deloitte. He wrote the contemporary book called ‘Bitcoin – The Blockchain and Beyond’ and talks full of passion about what impact this technology would and certainly will have on our everyday life.
Is blockchain more important than the internet? Jean-Luc knows everything about it and he loves to share this passion with you!

Information and registration

This session is part of our event ‘The Big Refresh’ together with 9 other updates. Registration is possible through our homepage where you can find the complete overview of The Big Refresh.

Please note that you cannot attend this session and the session on ‘Reformation of innovation support’ at the same time.

Register before the 23rd of February. Any other questions? Send an e-mail to team networking. 

Intended for: SMEs in East Flanders