The Big Refresh - Customer Experience Strategy

Sep 2018
Time: 8:30am
Lammenstraat 18, Voka Box, Gent, BE, 9000

Customer-oriented organisations know that their customers are not convinced by an effective product at an attractive price alone.
In times of major innovations and clients who are always searching, positive experiences are increasingly important when choosing products and services.
How does your company provide a contemporary customer strategy, in which customer experience is central?


A few myths about customers

The need for CX / Roadmap for CX 

Define Customer strategy with customer relevancy 

A few cases of customer relevancy.

Danny Vermeulen worked for more than 20 year in sales at different service providers, in the banking sector and HRM sector. After training in Gent and Amsterdam, he changed in 2016 his focus towards market research, trends and future developments. He recently became a teacher of 'Customer Experience Managemenet' at Syntra Midden-Vlaanderen.

Intended for: SMEs in East Flanders